And Kelly isn’t the only celebrity to go down so low; Others have surprised the world

And Kelly isn’t the only celebrity to go down so low;  Others have surprised the world

Survivors of Kelly’s abuse have told the court how the attack affected their lives and hurt them. [Courtesy] American singer Robert Sylvester (‘R’ Kelly) was sentenced to 30 years in prison earlier this month after pleading guilty in court to a series of heartbreaking abuses. Survivors of Kelly’s abuse have told the court how the … Read more

‘Celebrity life is not easy; They are not always the healthiest people around ‘: Nutritionist Dr Siddhanta Vargab

He calls himself a ‘fat-los ninja’ in his Instagram bio and that’s exactly why, celebrity nutritionist Siddhartha Vargab revealed that he gets the most common question from his clients “How much weight can I lose in a month?“But he quickly adds that there are things to do and they should not be followed The journey … Read more

Majestic Theater has announced its 2022-2023 celebrity season

July 3 অনু Experience the magic of live entertainment in the 2022-2023 celebrity season with Gettysburg College’s Majestic Theater, which will begin in August. The season lineup includes performances by world-renowned musicians, dance performances, a magician, live theater and the first film festival dedicated to Ken Burns’ films. The focal point of the 2022-2023 season … Read more

Celebrities like Kardashian, Chastain, media blow up America on Independence Day

While millions of Americans celebrated the nation’s 246th birthday on Monday, major media outlets and prominent liberals have used the holiday to discredit the United States. Although the second nature for dissatisfaction with put-down social media as opposed to free land, even the choices of NPR and ESPN have entered into law this year – … Read more

How to buy vintage like a celebrity stylist

Like any true fashion fanatic, Alexandra Imgruth knows the best style always comes back. And when will they? He should have the real thing rather than imitating the modern age. This is why the stylist has created a practice of buying vintage for himself and for many of his celebrity clients. In today’s sustainable-mental market, … Read more

Rescue Bird became a celebrity in Rome News

Rome – They’ve become a hometown sensation and often you don’t see the two of you together – be it grocery shopping or browsing books at the Jarvis Public Library. Rome’s Marsha Moreland and her green-cheeked Connor Parakeet, Sky, prevent people from taking one or two pictures wherever they go across the city. Sky is … Read more

Celebrity naturopath Savannah Desley is living a double life before child rape

A celebrity naturopath and horse-breeding heir accused of raping a boy, 14, had an affair with his partner before he ‘walked away’ – when they slapped each other with restraining orders and were charged with assault. James Langdon Wallis, from Sydney’s lower North Coast, took an arrested domestic violence order in 2019 against his then-partner, … Read more

Celebrity Edition celebrities Slim Thug, Nene Lex, Lamar Odom and many more join Texas Southern University for HBCU experience

Houston – Some of your favorite celebrities have returned to school to learn about the HBCU experience as they revive the popular reality series College Hill: Celebrity Edition. Celebrities Nene Lex, Slim Thug, Ray J, Lamar Odom, Big Fridia, Stacey Dash, Dreamdoll and India Love took up the challenge of higher education when the Tiger … Read more